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    postheadericon Dennis Quaid, Sean Penn and guys just who meeting much young women: just how would be that some thing?

    Dennis Quaid, Sean Penn and guys just who meeting much young women: just how would be that some thing?

    it is not only famous and rich guys that ‘fixated on kids’ and fortable with significant young age gaps in interactions, learning talk about

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    The time after 65-year-old Dennis Quaid delivered the chatterati abuzz together with statement that he am employed to a 26-year-old graduate scholar, other onetime flick hotshot Sean Penn was actually snap going out to a movie go steady together with a lot of young girl.

    Age difference between Penn, 59, and actress Leila George, 27, just isn’t as close as compared to Quaid and Laura Savoie — 32 several years, in place of 39. And also the get older gaps in Penn and Quaid’s dating include nowhere because wide as Mick Jagger’s together with up-to-the-minute absolutely love. The Rolling rocks frontman, 75, have toddler in 2016 with ballerina Melanie Hambrick — at 32, she’s 44 age Jagger’s junior.

    Sean Penn, 59, requires leather-clad sweetheart Leila George, 27, into films on low-key date night

    — continuous mailing Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) October 21, 2019

    Still, the picture of these guys with decades-younger ladies yet again serves as an indication most of us live in some sort of for which earlier men — especially prosperous, powerful and/or widely known old guys — like a relationship and sometimes marrying a lot young women.

    Sean Penn, 59, and his child Dylan, 28, enroll in “The previous look” via 69th yearly Cannes movie Festival in 2016. Penn is definitely a relationship actress Leila George, who’s going to be yearly younger than Dylan.

    Certainly, the May-December energetic is really as outdated as time and are a well-worn subject matter of writing, production and audio. Devamini Oku »