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postheadericon Just how to produce intimacy that is electric you and your spouse

Just how to produce intimacy that is electric you and your spouse

The sort that departs you feeling, happy, charged, alive and ready for lots more

Sex does funny what to us. Whenever we feel stimulated, all our nerve endings tingle, hair in the relative back of our throat gets up, many people even get goose bumps. Our heart beats quicker, our body’s temperature instantly shoots up. We feel hot. Our parts that are nether like they truly are on fire. So when two figures which can be the like fire touch, and move together, the warmth can become an inferno. This is certainly because intimacy and sex produces power, plenty of it. In reality, intercourse is power.

Man represents good and girl the negative, counterparts of the phenomenon that is single. Masculine and feminine energies are equal and opposing forces, claims Diana Richardson inside her guide, The Love Keys. And what are the results whenever a node that is positive the negative? Electricity occurs. Current flows.

When we move with one another, touch one another, we change present energy.

The thrills and pleasures of intercourse and love were due to the transmission and reception of currents of animal magnetism, or vital electricity, that could be conveyed by contact or passes from a single human anatomy to another, says American individualist african dating website anarchist J William Lloyd in their guide, The Karezza Method.

Intercourse as power

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The idea of intercourse as energy is not brand brand new. Eastern traditions of Taoism and Tantra that date back a few thousand years derive from it. They prescribe intimate strategies for harnessing energy that is sexual closeness, health and durability. In reality, Tantra means transformation of energy. The teachings that are tantric in line with the blood circulation and merging of vital power [chi or prana] between two different people. Devamini Oku »