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When the organisation is staffed with persons to perform a part of the total workload, a well-defined authority-responsibility relationship comes into being. Authority percolates from the highest to the lowest level and responsibility moves up from the lowest to the highest level.

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In controlling, those areas come to the surface where greater coordination is needed. In short, a business organisation is a man-made system designed to combine a complex of men, materials, machines and other resources into an efficient, effective and viable business enterprise.

If an organization wants efficient employees and best performance, then it should have a good remuneration policy. Supervision, motivation, leadership and communication are the sub-functions of directing. Influencing, guiding and motivating the subordinates for the achievement of organisational objectives. Directing is also a coordinating activity in as much as it tries to harmonize the personal aspirations of the staff with the organisational goals.

No organization can be completely centralized or decentralized. Compensation should be based on a systematic attempt to reward good performance.

  • These 14 management principles of Henri Fayol are universally accepted.
  • During courses, students analyse media institutions and channels.
  • They discover differences between the past and present and explore how the digital age has changed the way media organisations function.
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  • As the industry braces for exciting times ahead, the sector is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14 percent to reach US$28.1 billion by 2015.

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There should be an Order for material/things and people in the organization. More clear-cut the chain of command, the more effective the decision-making process and the greater the efficiency. However, in decentralization, the authority is distributed to all the levels of management.

While dealing with the employees a manager should use kindliness and justice towards employees equally. There must be an orderly placement of the resources such as Men and Women, Money, Materials, etc. Human and material resources must be in the right place at the right time. A place for everything and everything in its place’ the right man in the right place.

It is this authority-responsibility relationship which facilitates the accomplishment of predetermined goals. These plans are further subdivided into more detailed and more specific plans called activity plans. Business planning can be defined as an integrated activity which seeks to optimise the total effectiveness of an enterprise as a system to achieve its purpose. To achieve efficiency of operations and effectiveness of results, organising divides the entire business into manageable departments or work units.

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