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The two main protagonists of the game have to escape from a zombie apocalypse, which has affected the Raccoon City. There are different boss characters in the game, and the players have to identify how to kill each boss, as they are different. However, the interesting point of the game is that the enemy changes, as a player completes a wave. The number of enemies is determined by the number of players, in the game.

The screenshots mentioned above, capture the image of a game, anytime the player wants to capture it. If players want, they can access cheat codes as well, to make the game more entertaining for themselves. The user interface of the game is quite modern and understandable for players. The virtual controller used in the game can be easily customized. The game has improved by adding multiple things, which would be noticed by those who have played the first part of the game.

  • If the emulator contains copyrighted or otherwise illegal content the package will be illegal though.
  • Even though it’s an original work, it enables users to bypass copyright.
  • And no, emulators, the parts of software that emulate something are never illegal.
  • Downloading a game that you literally can’t buy may not be a legal defense against copyright infringement, but it makes sense on a practical level.
  • @Arda It has been argued that emulators are a violation of the DMCA.

The game is set in an open world, where a player can team up with three other players. The players scavenge for items and the game can be perceived using a third-person view. Perhaps the reason why there are so many zombie survival games is that people like to kill zombies. They like the gore and the bloodshed, and the many challenges that a zombie persona 3 portable emulator download game offers them.

Those who have played the game, feel that it gives them a good chance to combat with zombies. This game gives a real feeling to those, who want to experience what happens when people survive a zombie apocalypse.

After the game was released, two new modes were added to it. The first mode was Daybreak, in which the players had to protect an object, and side by side face an enemy.

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This game is not much different from its first part but has more additional features. In this part of the game, 8 plants and zombies classes have been added.


Claire and Leon are the protagonists of the game, and they meet at the Raccoon police department. The building is filled with zombies, and there are other monsters as well. The other monsters are in the game so that the players won’t get bored with it. Capcom has published this game, and it features a police officer, Leon Kennedy, and a college student called Clair Redfield.

The players in the game fight through waves, and as more and more of these waves pass, the number of enemies increases. This game can be played alone, or with six other shooters. If they are unable to pass a level, then they can slow down the speed as well.

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